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Day #9 “Butt Talks” with The RollerSizeR®

This is for anyone that cares about having a BUTT that someone TALKS about in a GOOD way. This particular exercise done with The RollerSizeR, is often performed in many fitness classes. But because The RollerSizeR is used it makes this exercise far more effective to targeting that TUSH! Place The RollerSizeR® under the Knees and let the “Action” cushion create a connection with the hamstrings and glutes. Far better than having nothing there or the uncomfortable and cold hand weight (You seen that before if you an instructor).  The RollerSizeR is softer and yet has a firm tension that creates the connection needed to target and shape the BUTT. You have heard of a FACELIFT, this is a BUTT LIFTING exercise.

The BUTT, for a women, I feel, is a part of the body that sends a message. What message? Well, too big, too flat, not toned, mushy, wild and wide or nothing to “Talk” about. This exercise is for those that care about their BUTT and who cares more then you!  BUTT TALKS is a silent way of saying my BUTT is HOT!

Start with 10 to 20 reps and work up to a total of 50. Following Day, your BUTT will be TALKING!   Thanks for Following to all of you! Lizzie

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Day #8 Cardio On Your Back with The RollerSizeR®

Can it be so? Actually be on your back and get your heart rate up? Come on, do I really have to turn this blog into a X rated article! But the simple truth is you can get your blood boiling on your back. You may be alone but hey, you can’t have everything:)

Yes, there are exercises that can be done on your back, like the one I am going to demonstrate in the video below. It will raise your heart rate, get you sweating and increase flexibility. What more do you want! This exercise does not require a lot of space either, so get partner and do it together!

This exercise is great if you have a sprained ankle or you can’t walk do to painful feet! I have actually been in that situation. How does one circulate and keep moving. This is It! One has to be creative to be fit.  Fitness is so important and if we can make it easy, fun and effective then I feel we begin to solve a problem, getting everyone to keep fitness in their life even if it means on their back.

Place the RollerSizeR® under the butt so your bottom is propped up! This will allow your legs to go up in the air easily, even if you are tighter than a KNOT.  That is what is so great about the RollerSizeR, make all exercises easier and more effective! When the  hamstrings get a good stretch it will also help lower back pain! So watch learn and maybe JOIN IN!  DO NOT WORKOUT IT!

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Day #7 of 365 Days Fit “Chest Up” with The RollerSizeR®

The upper back can start to round over as we get older. It can actually start in the teen years! Yap! You little Text Addicts you! I see those young people on the streets of NYC with their heads down looking at their phones! That is where it starts. Little No heads! Doctors are going to be so busy caring for “Text Neck”. I see Twenty Year Olds, Thirty Year Olds, Forty year olds and yes us 50-year-old folk whom are using our phones a lot too. I catch myself, an alignment trainer, mind you, looking down at my phone and sure enough my chin is resting on my breasts! Not kidding! I keep it quiet! I quickly put my cell phone up above my nose, hand out stretched and I say “Phone, Phone Phone in my hand who has the best Posture in the land?” Those seeing this, think I am a “Houtie Toutie” princess! Which I am, so NOT! But I must save my neck, save my chest and of course my  posture! So where am I going with all this? As an alignment trainer for 28 years, when I see bad posture, I get “Bent Out of Shape”!

I thought on the 7th day of 365 days,  I would give you guys a killer Ab Exercise that would Rock your Abs Hard. First, to see someone my age do a sick hard Ab exercise, is well, weird. But NOT this day. No, what happened was I was walking from one room to another in our home and I saw my Dad in a state of kissing the table with the worst posture I have ever seen. I mean it almost looked like he keeled over. Well not quite, but I have seen that when he falls asleep at the table. I was the former trainer to Dr. Henry Kissinger for eleven years. Similar to my Dad, in a good way, stubborn, smart and very, very interesting. I am not sure, but I think all my years as a specialized alignment trainer are coming to volition. Helping my Dad stay up right is personal “Training For Life”, My old Tag Line for Aline Fitness, in 1989! I worked hard to get here!

This segment is about keeping the chest up, our chin up and getting a natural lift in our life. In doing this exercise you can improve your posture at work, at school, in a train, plane or like my Dad, playing a word game! You do NOT need to be 88 to figure that out! When the chest is up and your shoulders are down, you are lifted and strutting the town, you look younger, feel younger and you look confident and on your game.

This day, day #7  is for everyone, NOT just for the older folks. My Dad is NOT a texter, he is a Crossword Puzzle Addict! It is very serious too. His head is really down, down, very down and looking at that paper most of the day. When I saw that terrible posture, I had to interrupt his moment with the “words” and give him some “words” of my own! Dad, Chest Up!

The video tells the whole story of our first session together! 
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Day #6 “Side Bends” Somewhere Over The Rainbow.. My Pot Will Be Gone!

I think “Side Bends” are boring! But when I see in my mind Jane Fonda, Jack Lalanne and Richard Simmons doing the “Side Bend Pose”. I get excited about doing “Side Bends“! But, they still are boring to me, but NOT with my best fit Friend, The RollerSizeR®.

When I see “Side Bends‘ I see empty hands and arms that are free to go anywhere but “Side Ways” and this can get the back OFF TRACK and out of a safe and natural alignment.  That being said, those Gurus can do NO wrong, I love them! But, I wish I could see them doing “Side Bends” with the RollerSizeR®. I think I would cry! Anyway, you have me and that should bring tears to your eyes as in this clip, I had a long day with my Dad (88 years old and getting younger ever day), feedings, sleeping schedule, you get it. So, I look tired and worn out and if it were not for my love to be fit, and do “Side Bends” with my RollerSizeR® and be here with you, I would crumble up and cry!  So in this clip I am searching for that Rainbow in life… doing “Side Bends“.

As a “Once Upon a Time” Dancer, arms were key to how you moved with grace. Holding your core and carriage when you bend was important to beauty of the movement! Usually if your alignment was perfect the movement was beautiful. In fitness, sometimes, the arms are just hanging out on the torso, doing nothing! In doing “Side Bends”, you usually use your arms but they usually have no  connection to the core unless you have trained knowledge of how to use your arms and get connected. Dancers take years to understand how to use arms. But fitness folks like it fast and results Faster! So, that being said,  some “Side Benders” may put a light weight in their hands to give the “Side Bend” exercise more resistance. Or in some cases a Heavy Free Weight. I see guys, and yes gals in the gym,  sort of “Hunk Side Ways” with a 10lb, 15lb, 20lb dumbbell in their hands. The work their TRUNK  doing these “Side Bends“. I am not sure, but my Gut feeling is, when you add a heavy weight to your “Side Bends“, even a Kettle Bell, you can get muscle on the side and perhaps that can thicken the “TRUNK“. But, hey, that is my opinion as a trainer but maybe that is also the dancer in me. I like a “Side Bend”  that stretches my core and more right up to my arm pits. I want the entire side of my body down to below my waist, deep into the connection tissue of my hip, and totally lengthen not just my sides but my Arms too! I want to bend like a Rainbow.

So, here is how to find “Whats at the End of Your Rainbow” (Great Song) in your Waist Bending “Side Bend“. When the arms are above the head the “Side Bend” can get tougher because the arms are heavy and add resistance naturally without adding weights. I have never weighed my arms, but I would give each of my arms a good 15 pounds each! Wow! What could my thighs be? 😦 Thigh Thinning coming up). Anyway, when you hold the knobs (Balls) of the RollerSizeR® and keep your arms straight the entire time you bend to the side, you will get a clean, direct hit on your obliques, trapezius and the big muscle in the back, the quadratus lumborum. I will add and extra bonus, the fat around the arm pits (Mine Anyway)! Ok! I shared. This exercise should be done everyday, I think and ten total. Five on each side. Make sure you come up to straight, The RollerSizeR directly above the head, like a Halo. Remember to keep you arms straight so the benefits give you Fast results. Somewhere over your Rainbow you will find a golden way to workout with your RollerSizeR®

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Day #5 of 365 Days of Fit “The Fat Burning Walk” with The RollerSizeR®

Walking is good for all ages, sizes and levels of fitness. But walking uses the legs. The way to make walking more Intense go up a hill, walk faster or add some hand weights. I have even seen belts that you can wrap around your waist and stretchy cords come out of it and you can grap the handles and use your upper body to enhance your lower body walking workout.

What about about the Treadmill or  Elliptical, they were created for those that #1 do not want to go outside and deal with the elements and the Elliptical was invented for low lower body impact with upper body movement built into how the machine works! Indoors or Outdoors you can take your RollerSizeR on a Treadmill (Indoors) and or create a Elliptical “Feeling” (Outdoors). Walk like a “Egyptian” with your RollerSizeR®. Great music to use too when you go for your RollerSizeR walk! Arms Straight! and look straight ahead 🙂 Make History on your facebook “WALL”!


RollerSizeR come with a DVD and  a F.A.S.T.E.R. Workout  Card!